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The Perth Car Rental Guide

is a one stop car hire specialist for Perth. We display the rates from most leading Perth car rental agencies and let you choose your car and book in real-time. Decide yourself who to book with after comparing the rates and fleet options of the local car rentals.

The Perth Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in Perth to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in Perth.This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in Perth.

In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in Perth while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

Perth, Western Australia's capital, lies where the Swan River meets the Southwestern coast. Sandy beaches line its borders, and the massive, riverfront Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza give sweeping city views. The Perth Cultural Center houses state-owned ballet and opera companies and is housed in its own core location, with a theatre, library and Western Aust Art Gallery.

Perth is the Australian mining industry's Headquarters. Perth is Western Australia's capital city, with a population of around 1.4 million residents, and is renowned for being the most remote city in the world, entirely surrounded by Australian nature: the Indian Ocean on one side and the Australian Outback on the other.

The sunniest capital of Australia, Perth blends seamlessly urban elegance with sheer natural beauty. The center is booming with new bars, restaurants, shopping, and cultural areas, and it is also home to Kings Park, one of the largest indoor parks in the world. The stunning Swan Valley wineries and a string of beautiful beaches are just a short drive away, where you can enjoy spectacular sunsets and evenings.

Perth is home to some of Australia's best food but with so many delicious recipes to try, it can be hard to know where to get going. Perth is the most remote city in the world, but its restaurant scene has nothing parochial about it. Here you will find award winning restaurants, trendy bars, and casual cafés worth the east coast trip.

Perth is home to quite a few of the city's best culinary experiences and watering holes, a must-visit if you're looking for things to do in Perth that will please your tastes. Check out the State Buildings, Brookfield Place and Yagan Square, followed by a stroll over to Northbridge's nightlife, where little bars jostle for space. Visit the Parks of Mount Hawthorn, Leederville, Subiaco, Fremantle and Victoria.

Perth's beaches extend out from Cottesloe to Two Rocks along the magnificent Sunset Coast coastline of metropolitan Perth. The evening sun falling spectacularly into the Indian Ocean gives this area its evocative name, and from any number of picturesque locations it is a sight that you will appreciate every day. Although attracting beaches and amenities and excellent weather, it is rarely crowded.

It is easy to get around to Perth's beaches, with an excellent road network that places great swimming spots a short drive from the city center and no more than an hour away from the northern limits. Some locations can also be reached by bus or train, and extensive walking and cycling trails surround the coastline, allowing you to enjoy both the stunning views and fresh sea air.

Proudly claiming the label of the sunniest city in Australia, Perth does the nightlife outdoors like no other. So, whether you are at a pop-up street bar after rooftop drinks or a couple of brews, this is the spot for you. Indoors, too, there is plenty going on: funky clubs disproportionately and lots of up-to-the-minute theater performances every weeknight.

The Perth Car Rental Guide works with all the big car rental companies and negotiates with Perth's local providers to offer the best rental rates and service for all Perth locations. That way our customers know that they will always get the best rate and service for their Perth rental car.

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Other car rental locations in Perth with daily rates

  • Perth 46 AUD
  • Perth Airport International Terminal 25 AUD
  • Perth Domestic Airport 35 AUD
  • Perth Downtown 155.29 AUD
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